Dog Training Services

Justin Crawford is the dog trainer at Dogs Day Away. He’s a very versatile dog trainer. We are committed to ongoing education so that we can bring you the best and most effective dog training methods available in the world. We look at the entire dog. We are well versed in every major method in the world of dog training but we do not stop at that. We believe that nutrition, mental and physical exercise have massive impacts on how your dog behaves or misbehaves. It is for that reason we focus on the entire dog.

We can sum up our methodology in one word. Balance. We use both positive and negative motivators in our training programs. If we are going to use any negative motivators (aversives) that would happen when the trainer/owner have properly instructed to the dog what they want him/her to do. Correction is never used in the learning process. Food, toys, praise are used with all dogs to motivate them for faster more reliable responses. Food is ultimately weaned out during the training process over time. Most dogs we work with don’t need much aversive control during the training process. Proper communication and motivation go a long way. We are not purely positive dog trainers because we believe that that methodology is not conducive to working with all dogs, off leash in distracting environments. If you would like to find a Purely Positive trainer in your area we would be more than willing to refer you to some!

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